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Home Safety for Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease


The well-being of your loved one with Alzheimer’s depends on home safety. A house in Pennsylvania with numerous hazards and increased risk of accidents is not conducive for home care in Collingdale, Pennsylvania. As a loved one or a caregiver, it is best to evaluate your loved one’s safety at home.

As a home health agency in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, we at KeynCare are pleased to share some tips or notes about what to inspect to ensure your home is safe for your loved one.

  • Inside the house.

    The first thing to check is where you place your flammable chemicals. These items increase the risk of combustion at home. Keep them somewhere safe. Next, install locks and alarms on doors and windows. Lastly, keep things organized inside.

  • Outside the house.

    If your loved one starts to be unfamiliar with the outside, you can install a handrail or a ramp that leads to different areas. In addition, check the material used for the steps. If the material is slippery during wet weather, it is time to change the material. If you need professionals to install ramps or other materials, you may avail of our household management services.

  • Other keynotes.

    Part of Alzheimer’s and elder care is having safety contacts in case of emergency. You can provide a phonebook with a list of emergency contacts as a guide for your loved one or the caregiver.

Achieving Alzheimer’s and senior care in Pennsylvania requires intensive inspection and modification to ensure your loved one’s safety. If you need our services, please call us today.

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