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Ways to Maintain Your Cognitive Health


Recent figures show that Alzheimer’s disease affects around 5.7 million Americans. This disease starts with adversely affecting brain function. It usually manifests in memory loss and language difficulties. Then it shows in personality and behavior changes such as agitation and depression. As it progresses, the Alzheimer’s patient experiences a decline in functional skills. The patients have difficulty maintaining their hygiene and need reliable home health care services.

As a trusted home health agency in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, we have seen how dementia affects the health and quality of life of seniors. We want to share with you these helpful tips to protect and maintain your cognitive health:

  • Quit smoking
    Quitting smoking at any age improves one’s health. It helps maintain brain health and reduce the risks of heart disease, certain types of cancers, and other smoking-related diseases.
  • Be physically and socially active
    Studies conducted by the CDC show that being physically active improves thinking and reduces the risk of depression. Being socially active, on the other hand, constantly keeps our brains active. Our senior care in Pennsylvania includes assisting our clients when doing exercises and recreational activities.
  • Manage your blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and weight
    These three have significant impacts on a person’s efforts to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and many other diseases. Managing these three keeps a senior healthy and active. If you need medication assistance to manage your health, we can help.

KeynCare is a reliable provider of home care in Collingdale, Pennsylvania. We provide varied services that meet the specific needs of our senior clients. Our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care focuses on giving the care that seniors with dementia need.

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