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Tips on How Seniors Can Reduce Fall Risks


Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations in the elderly. Being one of the leading providers of senior care in Pennsylvania, allow us to share our expert tips on reducing a senior’s fall risk at home. Here are our recommendations:

  • Consider seeking companionship services. This is a home care service that primarily focuses on providing a companion to avoid loneliness. But they can also help monitor your health and safety while assisting you with your needs.
  • Additional lighting is always preferred, especially in dim areas of your home. This helps you see and avoid any tripping hazards better. In line with this, have your prescription eyewear updated regularly and your eyesight checked.
  • A clean and tidy home can reduce the risk of falls. Clean up after spills, food crumbs, candy wrappers, and other clutter to avoid these common tripping hazards. Organize your shelves as well, wherein your essentials can easily be reached.
  • Consult your physical therapist or doctor about exercising. Regular exercise is always good for our health, regardless of age. But it is especially beneficial for seniors. Some routines can help reduce fall risks by improving or maintaining balance, flexibility, and strength.

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